Thursday, January 9, 2014

What You Should Know About the SVO

We’ve all taken classes with Veterans. Some of them you probably recognized- like the guy who walks around campus with an American flag sticking out of his back pack, or the girl with a service dog, or maybe the guy you’ve seen in the parking lot with the Marine Corp bumper sticker. Chances are, you’ve taken classes with several Veterans without even knowing it. Veterans aren’t always recognizable on campus, but they’re all around us. SCC currently has around 280 registered Veterans.

This is why the SVO at SCC is so important. Started in 2012, the SVO has given Student Veterans a sense of camaraderie that most of them miss from their time of service. They have a community on our campus that understands their challenges, their goals, their past experiences, and their outlook on life. The SVO Lounge, located in the Admin building, gives Student Veterans a place to study, relax, get away, grab a snack, and hang out with other Veterans.

Veterans Week is an exciting time of the school year for SCC Student Vets. The SVO leads the school in honoring and remembering the selfless sacrifices of the countless Veterans who have served our country through on-campus marches, lectures, remembrance ceremonies, movies, and other activities. Your participation in these activities shows your support of our Student Vets and the many Veterans that have gone before us.

If you see a Veteran on campus, it’s ok to say, “Thank you” or even to just nod your head and smile. These warriors are transitioning from a life of war, uniformity, honor, and duty to a life of homework, studying, and sitting in a classroom. It’s quite an adjustment for most Vets and your patience, understanding, and encouragement are the best ways to say "thank you" for their service.

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