Monday, November 11, 2013

SVO: A Veteran's Wife

A uniform I do not wear
A gun I do not carry
But I serve my country proudly
Through the man I chose to marry

I may not wear a dog tag
But I have a mission just the same
My husband defended freedom
And I’ll defend his name

A purple heart I’ll never wear
No ribbons adorn my chest
But this ring upon my finger
Shows that I’m truly blessed

My husband is a warrior
Both in battle and at home
He loves and guards us fiercely
No greater love I’ve ever known

When the shadows of his darkest days
Come back to haunt his mind
His wife will faithfully stand beside
And love he’ll always find

A Veterans wife I’m proud to be
No greater honor could I know
Than to proudly love and honor
My husband, my hero

by Heather Tabers

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