Monday, October 21, 2013

PTK: Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hi, my name is Lillian Nguyen and I am the VP of Communications and Public Relations for Phi Theta Kappa at SCC. As an enrolled student at SCC and a member of PTK, I have to say that I am glad that I started off here rather than going straight to a university like so many others from high school. Here at SCC, there are many opportunities the college can give you that some universities can’t; the teachers and faculty here are always glad to help students one on one, the campus isn’t a giant maze that you could get lost in on your first day, and the people here are just friendly all together. The A+ Program really helps many of the students here and doesn’t leave such an empty void in their pockets, which is always a nice thing in my opinion.

Classes being paid for, who doesn’t want that? It sure has saved me from spending thousands of dollars. But attending classes shouldn’t be the only thing students should be doing at colleges. There are multiple clubs are available on campus that can help benefit students, one being our very own Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Alpha Xi Chi.

And as of today, Alpha Xi Chi will now be even more involved at SCC with this new Blog! We are neither a sorority or fraternity, but an Honor Society at a Two-Year college, with over 1,200 chapters in the world. Our very own chapter is ranked in the top 100 of all chapters due to our strong leadership and student participation. From fundraising to just events that everyone enjoys, PKT is always working in the shadows to help run things smoothly.

What we plan to do here is just relay any upcoming events or anything SCC related. Keep checking up on our blog so you don’t miss any important, fun events that will be coming up soon! Members can follow us on our Facebook page to keep up with events as well.

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